CLE Webinar - Municipal Law & Zoning Appeals - April 6, 2023

CLE Webinar - Municipal Law & Zoning Appeals - April 6, 2023

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Presenters: Jack H. Hieb & Zachary W. Peterson RICHARDSON, WYLY, WISE, SAUCK & HIEB - Aberdeen Approved by NALA for 1 Substantive CLE credit (Free for members, $10 for non-members)

This session will provide information that is beneficial not only to those of us who work in municipal entity litigation, but for all us as citizens of South Dakota.

Jack H. Hieb and Zachary W. Peterson have specialized in defending municipal entities across the state for close to 20 years, in Circuit Court as well as the District of South Dakota, with disputes ranging from small-scale residential permits to multi-million dollar wind farm and pipeline projects.

Learning Objectives

- Overview of municipal government and zoning ordinances (different levels of governing boards - township/city/county)

- Quasi-judicial authority - what municipalities can and cannot do & understanding conflicts of interest

- Applying for zoning variances and conditional use permits & appealing zoning decisions, including what zoning appeals typically look like in South Dakota (from residential permits to wind farms, concentrated animal feeding operations, pipelines, and more)

- Overview of the litigation process and the standard of review on appeal in both the SD Supreme Court and the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals