Library Rentals (Members Only)

Library Rentals (Members Only)

$ 5.00 USD

SDPA's library is available to all members. You can view the catalog on our News & Resources page. We have many books and videos (Seminar videos are available as a separate item in the Store). We have two copies of NALA's Certified Paralegal Exam Fundamentals (2021 Edition). Members must pay a $100 deposit in order to check them out, which will be refunded through the store as soon as the materials are returned. All other books and non-seminar videos cost $5 to cover our shipping expenses.

You can select either the CP Exam book, or "Other" for all other materials. You will be prompted to enter the name of the item you are requesting during checkout. The library catalog is available on the News & Resource page, or you can click the link below to view it in PDF format.
Reminder: Seminar DVDs are a separate item in the store.


Library Catalog